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Harmony is tangible. In the cool blade of grass beneath your bare feet. Audible. In the buzzing of the bees amongst the colourful flowers. It is perceptible – in the air, the atmosphere, the people...

A place to summon up strength and create harmony

Positive energy is released in places where harmony reigns and where people, plants and animals live in accord with each other: it is everywhere in Apartments Eden. It nourishes, provides strength and creates contentment. This is what Frida and Hubert Oberhammer take care of when they cultivate, tend and look after their house. They put a lot of passion into their garden, the herbs and the buzzing bees. This is how they create a place where rest and regeneration come naturally. Where simply sitting, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths provides inner peace. And Frida Oberhammer herself supplies vital energy thanks to her knowledge gleaned from several Reiki training courses.

The power of the mountains in summer

A garden dotted with flowers complete with corner seating and barbecue, flourishing flower beds and fragrant herb beds. Bees buzz around their various display cabinets, birds peck on tasty corn in their bird houses and insects stop for a rest in their own hotel. There is space for everything here, with everything living and thriving together. The garden is a place for children to discover and play in. For adults, on the other hand, it's a place to gather strength and recharge their batteries – a place to just relax and unwind in the fresh mountain air.

Outside snow with fire inside: a restorative winter

And when winter covers the countryside with a sparkling blanket of snow, then the wellness area provides some cosy warmth. Thawing your toes in the bubbling jacuzzi after a fantastic day's skiing, warming up from the inside in the infrared cabin. Breathing in the scent of arolla pine, closing your eyes, simply letting your thoughts wander inside the Finnish bio sauna with its alternating lights...

Simply enjoying a sense of wellbeing

The small, particularly pleasant wellness area in Apartments Eden adds a natural sense of wellness to the place. Arolla pine, stone, glass and details taken from nature relax the senses. Energy stores renew themselves here. Anyone still needing a little help can receive a massage from Frau Oberhammer: she offers honey massages – as a beekeeper, she knows all about the benefits of honey. And in no time you'll be dozing away to the delicate scent of dandelion or alpine rose ...

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